Episode 1: ScrapHappier Podcast Episode 1: Welcome!

Alice Boll
Alice Boll
Welcome to the ScrapHappier Podcast where we’ll share quick tips, tricks and techniques to help you create scrapbooks you love, and be happier while doing it! Alice Boll runs the membership group at ScrapHappy.org and is excited to tackle all kinds of scrappy problems. ScrapHappy is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in August of 2020. This podcast will help us ring in our next decade of scrappy ¬†inspiration. Along the way we’ll meet some great guests and explore the ‘hobby’ of scrapbooking… although we all know it’s more than a hobby! Each episode we’ll have a short discussion and then ¬†leave you with a prompt and a tip of the day, all while keeping episodes between 10 and 20 minutes… or so!


Scrapbook your perfect day.


Start your layout with a story in mind.

Layout Shared:


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