Healthy Obsessions and How to Scrap Them

Danielle Leonetti
Danielle Leonetti

Healthy Obsessions and How to Scrap Them

Hi Everyone! Dani here again sharing some of my healthy obsessions along with helpful tips to scrap these things we can’t live without!

If you know me at all you will not be surprised by the subjects of the layouts I’m sharing today. Of course since coffee and makeup are two things I’ve been obsessed with for a long long time I have many other layouts about these topics but you know what guys? These obsessions are part of our story and there are no rules about how many times you can scrapbook the same subject you do you!!

I am a self proclaimed coffee addict. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was thirteen years old and some days I drink a whole pot by myself. I have a million different layouts about coffee that is true, but I got this great new paper pack from Echo Park all about coffee and I thought what better way to share my obsession than with this great paper I’m also obsessed with.

When creating a page about something I really love I work really hard to use products and techniques I also love, so this kit really lent itself to that.  I used enamel dots which I use on almost every page I create, I inked edges and I used my coffee stain stencil that I have been obsessed with for years and was gifted to me by a fellow ScrapHappy member! I also included in my journaling things I haven’t mentioned outright before, that I love all different kinds of coffee, that I drink so much in a day. We may scrap the same subject over and over but for me this page talks about my coffee love right now, recent photos, new papers and my current style.

Oh makeup, how I love you! I have less documentation recording my love for makeup then I do for coffee but there is still a smattering throughout my layouts. Once again I had brand new paper packs that screamed makeup and I started Makeup Mondays over on Adventures By Dani so I had these new images of not only myself but current products I’m obsessed with.

I truly think of my layouts as a record of my life, telling stories I want to tell and featuring people and things important to me right now. So if coffee and makeup are important to me forever than there is no harm in documenting that from time to time. Our obsessions do not have to be a one and done layout subject. I might always be obsessed with makeup but I won’t always look like I do in the photo I used and I won’t always be using the products I photographed. We evolve and our obsessions evolve with us.

Here are my three tips for scrapbooking obsessions:

  1. Throw out the rules! Don’t worry about how many times you’ve scrapped something if you love it, scrap it!
  2. Use products that further drive the story and the obsession! For both layouts I used products and embellishments that tie directly to the subject and the result shows just how obsessed I really am.
  3. Use products and techniques you love. What a great way to showcase your obsession by using products and techniques you are passionate about. Both of my layouts use enamel dots and ink, for me, I just fall even more in love with these layouts because there is so much love poured into them!

Remember your healthy obsessions are yours and your scrapbooks are yours, document them, have fun with them and share this piece of you on your pages! Can’t wait to see what everyone else is obsessed with!

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