Shamelessly Pet Obsessed

Alison Day
Alison Day

Did anyone else jump on the COVID bandwagon and get a new pet? Yeah, me too. First time owning a dog and you know what? I’m loving it! Scout is definitely part of our family now and will be making appearances in my albums so how to do that? I’m sharing some tips today to scrapbook your pet without the need to buy all new supplies, or create a completely different scrappy style.

I was super inspired by Alice’s Scrap Smarter Experience line up of talent. Layle’s class “When One Door Closes …” used the cutest pet line from Bella Blvd and I wished I had it but … I don’t and it wasn’t about to get to my front door in time for this post so … I had to find other options. 

I went through every single sheet of 12×12 patterned paper I own (while listening to the Scrap Smarter teachers – gotta multi task, am I right?) I pulled out anything that had dogs on it (not a whole lot as we have been a very anti-pet household up to now). I also looked for colours that would work with my photos and designs that spoke to me. Didn’t matter the reason they spoke to me, they just had to speak. 

For example, the hedgehog paper I used was purchased for a class I gave at our ScrapHappy Reunion in Calgary last year because a) hedgehogs were trending at the time, b) it works as a great neutral, and c) the colour of the b-side could be used to incorporate some of the colour principles I was teaching about. But NOW, a year later, it has a whole other significance to me.

We purchased a small stuffed hedgehog to bring with us when we went to pick up Scout from the breeder. We made sure they rubbed it on his Mom so he could have her scent near him in the crate on the long ride home. It instantly became his favourite toy and he’s actually destroyed it several times over. But we just keep stitching Hedgehog back together and the love affair goes on. 

Funny story: we purchased a larger version of the hedgehog and Scout was fairly nervous at first. He eventually liked playing with it but when he’d chewed a giant hole through that one and we’d fixed and returned the original one (after a much needed bath!) he went completely mental! Now both hedgehogs are again awaiting surgery. LOL!


During my page by page paper hunt I found other themed items that I thought I could make work with my story. The hedgehog, fox and maple leaf cards came from a Simple Stories Autumn themed cut apart sheet. The hedgehog is an obvious addition to a story about a stuffed hedgehog, but the fox and maple leaf are also pertinent. 

Scout is what they call a Red Fox Labrador Retriever. So you see, the fox worked! I wouldn’t have thought to look for foxes in my stash but by shopping it carefully, I was able to identify it and pull it out to use.

We live in Canada so … maple leaves. 

Plus I love three of an element so having three square cards in the same colour palette makes my OCD heart happy.


Anyone else completely inspired by Sara Scraps and Catherine Pooler’s talks on stamping? 

In my hunt through my stash I found a Mother’s Day Simon Says Stamp set with a puppy on it plus some cute paw prints. I knew I had to find a way to use them on this layout.

I took the image of the puppy and (bravely) stamped it onto the lower right hand corner of my white card stock back ground. 

It smudged. 

I cursed. 

Then I got creative. I stamped it again, fussy cut it out and adhered it right over top of the smudged image with pop dots so it looks completely intentional. You wouldn’t have known unless I told you, right? 

Before I stuck down all the patterned paper I took the paw print stamps and added them into the top left and bottom right corners. I had a pretty good idea of how the rest of my layout was going to look so I knew this diagonal line would work with my design. And yes, I knew some of it would be covered up but I was okay with that. 
Once the rest of the papers and the photos were in place I came back in and added a few more stamps in places that I felt needed them.


This layout feels like me. It has plenty of layers of both patterned paper and card stock. It has my own handwriting on it. I’ve used sprinkles of gems to bring attention to the photos and accents. And my title is made of letter stickers. Just because I am scrapping about a new-to-me subject and phase in my life, doesn’t mean I have to throw out my style. 

To make sure your pages about your new obsession fit with the rest of your albums, keep scrapping in the manner you’ve become accustomed to! It’s as easy as that.

I hope these tips help you embrace your own obsessions in a way that feels like you and doesn’t mean a “break the bank” shopping spree. Of course, if you want to shop til you drop for new themed products, be my guest! 

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