A Scrapper and a Layout in Disguise

Danielle Leonetti
Danielle Leonetti

A Scrapper and Layout in Disguise

Who doesn’t love playing dress up? And thankfully it’s not just for kids anymore, with the genius idea of Disney Bounding, Disney nerds of all ages are dressing up like their favorite characters and escaping reality for a little while. I have been getting super into Disney Bounding lately and what is so fun is embracing this character and taking on some of their personality traits for photo shoots and fun strolls around the parks. 

Don’t you just love appearing as something a bit different even for a little while? I absolutely do! I chose to focus this page on some of my favorite Disney Bounds I’ve done and added a few unexpected surprises to help tell my story.  At first glance this page gives a total Halloween vibe doesn’t it? That’s because most of the papers and a lot of the embellishments came straight from my Halloween stash so it’s not just Dani in disguise on this layout but the whole layout is playing dress up, so to speak. The colors just worked with the photos I chose and I couldn’t resist the costume themed word stickers to really help drive the theme home. 

Using themed products regardless of the project’s theme helps me justify my enormous stash. It also keeps great items from collecting dust in the scrap room. Those costume related word stickers have been sitting in my stash for two years and they would have continued to sit if I insisted on saving them for a Halloween only layout. My tip for you, you bought these things because you loved them, use them. If the sticker, paper, stamp, etc, helps to tell your story – USE IT! Then in the future when someone is flipping through your albums they will come across this disguised page and proclaim “oh a Halloween page” only to find a really fun layout about your old Disney Bounding day and not about Halloween at all. Do you use themed or holiday products on pages that are not necessarily about those things? If you haven’t definitely try it, it can be so fun and so freeing! 

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