Episode 18: Photo Disorganization to Photo Freedom

Alice Boll
Alice Boll


Alice gets real about one of the biggest scrapbooking problems… photo organization… or more like DISORGANIZATION!

She shares 3 tips that will help you get your photos in order, although it’s not a quick or easy process.

Alice will be joining Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom course for 2021. It would be even more fun if we did this together! Let’s FINALLY get our photos in order for 2021.

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Tip 1:

Tip 1: Don’t let overwhelm keep you from starting! Think of ALL of your photos… then pick one small section of your photos to spend 5 minutes organizing/sorting/editing!

Tip 2:

Tip 2: Allow yourself to change focus… while still working towards your goal. You don’t have to do the same thing all of the time. Allow yourself to do a variety of tasks.

Tip 3:

Tip 3: Get help! Have an in-person helper or an online one help you tackle your photos and get them sorted! Having a little company while you work can make the time pass quickly.

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