Episode 22: Set Your Intention: A Word of the Year

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Do you set an intention for a new year? What if there was a really easy way to help clarify your goals?

The practice of choosing one word to act as a guiding principle for your year is an effective way to explore and direct your goals. 

In Episode 22 of the ScrapHappier Podcast we chat with members of the ScrapHappy family (membership group) to find out what their word of the year is for 2021 and why they chose it. 

We explore the difference between goal-oriented and enjoyment-oriented words.

We talk about finishing and provide a different perspective on success and what that really looks like. 

Many of us have attempted and found value in Ali Edwards One Little Word project. For more details about Ali’s project and her supporting course and supplies please visit her website. (*not an affiliate link, we just think you’ll love it!)

Alice has chosen the word BRIGHTER as her word for 2021. We’d love to know what you’ve chosen… please pop over to THIS POST on IG and share your word!


TIP: Failure is not always what you think it is. Finishing is not the only sign of success. If you are taking value and seeing the importance of the action then completion isn’t mandatory to succeed. 

Give yourself GRACE when you evaluate your participation in projects!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode!

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