Episode 23: 3 Simple Steps to Set Scrapbook Goals You Will Achieve

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

3 Simple Steps to Set Scrapbook Goals You Will Achieve

Are you ready to finally have the year of scrapbooking that you’d always wished for? Stop wishing!

Follow these 3 simple steps to set scrapbook goals that you will achieve.

1. Review and assess the past year.

What is a favourite item you used? What new items did you add to your scrapbooking process this past year? What was your favourite layout, or favourite layouts? What were your favourite collections or designers you used this year? What do you no longer like to use that doesn’t need to be part of your process anymore?

2. Choose a goal, or even a few goals.
Create SMART goals.
  • SPECIFIC – Be specific. Use real numbers and real deadlines.
  • MEASURABLE – Make sure your goal is trackable.
  • ATTAINABLE – Work towards a goal that is challenging, but possible.
  • RELEVANT – Why does this matter to you? Why is it important?
  • TIME-BOUND – Give yourself a deadline.

3. Plan for success.

Create a success plan. How will you make this happen?

  • Will you find an accountability buddy?
  • How often will you check in?
  • How will you track your progress?
  • Will you set up an alarm on a phone?
  • Plan for when and how you will take action.

Set up some failure prevention.

  • How can you make it simple for the times that it’s difficult?
  • What is the smallest possible win that will still help you move towards your goal?

FREE Checklist!

Print this handy checklist to use as you set your scrapbook goals!

3 Simple Steps to Set Scrapbook Goals You Will Achieve handout (click to download)


TIP: Create a goal for your creativity and scrapbooking pursuits.


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