Write On Journaling: Hyperbole it’s not exactly lying

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Would you lie on your scrapbook page? No! Of course not!

I’d never suggest that you lie, or misrepresent the truth on a scrapbook layout. 


I do encourage the occasional page that puts hyperbole into action.

Hyperbole? How do you pronounce that?

Hi per bowl eee

What IS hyperbole?

Let’s not get dramatic here, or perhaps we should. 😉

Hyperbole is exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, embellishment. Basically, it’s all about going to extremes to dramatize the situation.

We all know someone that makes a mountain out of every molehill. With hyperbole that’s kind of the point!

Create dramatic journaling that emphasizes a ridiculous situation.

Hyperbole is not meant to be taken literally, it’s meant for emphasis or to be funny. 


How to Use Hyperbole:

Most of us use at least some hyperbole when we speak. If you’ve ever been “so hungry you could eat a horse” or thought that someone “had a brain the size of a pea” you’re already familiar with hyperbole! Yay!

So go ahead, be dramatic, ham it up a little. Write journaling that is “over the top” and have fun with it!

Layout Example:

Here’s an example of a layout I made that uses hyperbole in the journaling.

It was bad. Very bad. My walk-in closet had become a step in precariously and hope that an avalanche of junk didn’t end up leaving my children motherless. It was time for the clean up of the century. I decided the only way to tackle this disaster was to remove EVERY SINGLE ITEM from the closet. When that was accomplished (and cleaned) I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I almost didn’t want to put anything back in. Then I looked at my now super scary bedroom and started putting everything back. The process took hours but the results were TOTALLY WORTH IT! I wonder what my panty looks like when it’s empty?


I hope you’ll consider using hyperbole on your next scrapbook layout. After all… it’s not exactly lying!


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I’ll be back next week with another journaling tip.

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Happy scrapping!


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