Write On Journaling: I Hate…

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

I hate…

For years parents and teachers tried to convince us to use ‘nicer’ words such as ‘dislike’ or ‘I don’t prefer’ instead of using the word hate. 

Hate is a strong word. Emotions will definitely rise up when you use a powerful word like hate.

In our scrapbook journaling unlocking emotions can be a great way to find a good story.

Stories about hate could lead to some negative topics.  As a child we found ourselves using the word hate when we didn’t have a better descriptive word in our vocabulary. 

Looking back, perhaps I didn’t hate the guy that was hogging the tire swing at recess. I hated that he was hogging the tire swing, but I didn’t necessarily hate him. The way we use words matter.

I remember telling my mom I hated onions, but perhaps I detested onions… and I just hated the fact that she was making me eat them! 😉

If going to the dark and angry side of hate isn’t really your style (it’s not mine either) you may look for a topic on the ‘lighter side’ like the tire swing monopolizer, those horrible onions, or… moths.


What do you hate?

Let the power or your emotion ignite a strong story for your layout.

Layout Example:

This layout talks about something that my mother and I both hate… moths. Ugh. 😖

It’s called: Just Like My MOTHer

My Mom hates MOTHS- I mean REALLY hates them. I’ve heard a story, I don’t know if it’s true, that when she was young some “friends” put some moths down her shirt. Ewwww! Can you just imagine them fluttering, gross! I also hate moths. They fly so random, but then they always seem to fly right at me! Maybe I shine brightly – LOL! I guess I’m just like my MOTHer. 

I checked with my mom. She said, “It’s true, but they weren’t friends.”

I hope you’ll think for a moment about something you hate… or if you just can’t use that word… something you really, really dislike, and let that inspire your story for your next layout.

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I’ll be back next week with another journaling tip.

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Happy scrapping!


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