Write On Journaling: Quote It!

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Using a quote on a scrapbook layout is a great way to get your journaling started. 

A quote can help you share your thoughts or opinions. You can use a quote to share how you agree or disagree with an important person from history, a celebrity or someone you know.

Getting journaling started can be a struggle. Using a quote provides a starting place to kick off your journaling, and can help you share your thoughts and/or feelings.

Quotes make you think or ponder. They provide a fresh perspective to your journaling.

IMPORTANT TIP: Give credit where it’s due. Be sure to state the source of your quote.

REALLY IMPORTANT TIP: If you’re using an excerpt from a quote be sure you don’t misrepresent the individual being quoted. Don’t take a quote out of context! The quote should maintain the same meaning, even if you don’t use the entire quote. 



  1. Respond to the quote. Does the quote resonate for you? Why did you choose this quote?
  2. Explain why you like/dislike the quote.
  3. Expand on the quote. How does this quote relate to your life? What does it make you think of.
  4. If you disagree with the quote explain your perspective on why it’s wrong.


Keep Moving Forward  by Alice Boll

There’s a quote from Walt Disney that includes the phrase “Keep Moving Forward”. It’s about curiosity and finding new paths. I like that, but it’s NOT why I love this phrase. For me it’s about accepting that we can’t change the past – that our only way to keep moving forward is from where we are right now. Start each day like a new adventure and keep moving forward. 


I hope you’ll think about a quote that you love… or find a new one that inspires you and use it to inspire journaling on a layout. 

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I’ll be back next week with another journaling tip.

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Happy scrapping!


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