Episode 29: Why You Should Add Currently Lists to Your Scrapbooking with rukristin Kristin Tweedale

Alice Boll
Alice Boll
Show Notes How can a Currently List help you scrapbook your story and why should you add one to your scrapbooking? Alice shares a behind the scenes peek from the LOAD Challenge as we explore Currently pages in this interview that was part of the LOAD221: Fresh, Simple and Shiplap challenge. Kristin Tweedale, known as rukristin online, from the Awesome Ladies Project shares how scrapbooking the present has changed the way she scrapbooks and tells her stories.


Create a currently list!

  • Watching
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Making
  • Feeling
  • Planning
  • Loving


 Kristin (aka rukristin) lives in East Lansing, Michigan where she loves to document her life in fun and interesting ways. You’ll see her make traditional pages in 6×8 and TN size, mini-albums, and lots of documenting in small notebooks. She’s the awesome lady behind The Awesome Ladies Project, a feminist scrapbooking community where she loves teaching women how to use photos, pretty paper, words, and the bits of life to tell their amazing stories. You can also hear her each week on the Crafty Ass Female podcast, reminding you that you are amazing already have all the tools you need to make beautiful things and make beautiful things happen.

co-host of the Crafty Ass Female podcast 
+ awesome lady behind The Awesome Ladies Project
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