Write On Journaling: Foundational Stories

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

There are some stories that we tell often in our family and with our friends.

You know those stories, the ones that come up again, and again.

  • The time your brother wrapped a comb into your cousin’s long hair.
  • The time your children got into the flour in the pantry… and then you placed them into the bathtub where they became gluey little monsters.
  • That other time when they got into the flour AGAIN!

These kinds of stories, the ones we keep repeating, become the Foundational Stories of our life.

Writing these stories is actually easy!

We already know the narrative. We’ve heard the stories over and over, so we know all of the details.

We know what we need to include.

We know why they make us smile.

Now we just need to write them down!



  1. Write your story first.
  2. Create your layout making sure you’ll have enough space for your full story.

You need to write the story BEFORE you make your layout. Because the story is the inspiration for the layout, making sure you have enough space for the journaling is essential.

This isn’t a story you can cut short.

This isn’t a story where you can tell an abridged version.

You need space for the full story, so start by writing the story!


No Tears by Alice Boll

My Mom told me a funny story about myself as child. If she was shopping she would put my stroller in front of a three-way mirror. This guaranteed that I would be happy, as I wouldn’t cry in front of myself. To this day I still love mirrors and I hate things that make me cry or get emotional, so I try not to watch movies like The Notebook or P.S. I Love You.


I hope you’ll create a layout with one of your Foundational Stories.

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I’ll be back next week with another journaling tip.

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Happy scrapping!


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