It’s Not Easy Being Green…Or is it?

Danielle Leonetti
Danielle Leonetti

Have you ever read a prompt and thought, “absolutely not going to happen” only to find out that it’s something you do all of the time? This is exactly what happened when I received the topic for this month’s blog post. Go green? I never scrapbook with green, even at Christmas time! Flash forward to one morning where I was doing yoga (my yoga room and scrap room share a space) and I spied with my little eye a stack of layouts and the top one was green. I went through the whole stack and found not one but six layouts that I’ve done in the past year that are all green heavy. 

Looks like green is a go to color after all. So here are some tips for using green on your layout. 

  1. take cues from the photo. For the spinach dip layout it made sense to go green because, well, spinach is green. 

2. The same could be said for my Oscar the Grouch layout, he’s green so using green makes sense, but it doesn’t always have to be large pieces of paper you can throw in green ink and green embellishments to make your color pop. 

3. Full theme mode – for the Hulk Mask layout I used green not only because the subject of the photo is green but I was talking about money which also lends itself to the color green and I did a lot of tone on tone to drive that home. 

4. Worried about matching greens? Use a paper pack and then just run wild with layers or paper strips/blocks. Using a collection that has greens in them will help make sure nothing clashes. 

5. Last but not least, change your mind about green – or any color for that matter. Green does not have to mean Christmas trees and it does not have to mean Shamrocks. You can use different shades of green to represent spring, and it really makes a nice backdrop for florals the way I used it in the above layout. 

So there you have it 5 easy ways to add more green into your layouts and I have a challenge for you, go through your most recent stack of layouts and share whether there is a color that you have used repeatedly that you were surprised to find.  I can’t wait to hear and as always you can find me blogging here, chatting on the message board, over on Instagram or at

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