Episode 33: 3 Tips to Finally Scrapbook the Layouts You Keep Putting Off or Never Create

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Show Notes

Why do you put off scrapbooking some types of layouts? If you put off certain types of layouts or never create them these 3 tips will help you finally get these layouts scrapbooked.

Can you relate to these reasons for not scrapbooking certain pages?

  • the stories or photos are too precious
  • the stories or photos are too important
  • the stories or photos are too special
  • you don’t have all of the supplies and things you need

PROCRASTINATION: If procrastination is your main problem you might want to listen to Episode 12 with Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li.

Here are three tips that will help you identify and finally scrapbook these layouts.

Tip 1:

Own it! Identify the problem. When you know, you can change.

Tip 2:

Scrapbook consistently. Take a challenge like LOAD or join some friends to get you inspired to scrapbook!

Tip 3:

Get your stuff organized. Gather your photos, memorabilia, notes and special supplies so you can jump right in and start scrapbooking.


What stories do you put off or never create? Make a page you’ve been putting off for later!



I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode!

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