Episode 41: 10 Ways to Use Scrapbook Paper You Don’t LOVE Anymore

Alice Boll
Alice Boll
Show Notes

Why do you want to identify your ‘unloved’ papers?

If you clear out the supplies you aren’t excited to use you’ll have an easier time finding things that you really want to use!

Use papers for:

  1. layering
  2. paint it
  3. mix it up with other papers to make it feel fresh
  4. fussy cut it
  5. make envelopes
  6. make cards
  7. use as a foundation for thin papers
  8. wrap small gifts
  9. make party supplies like place cards and decorations
  10. donate it!

Try this!

Create a box in your crafty space to put supplies you don’t love anymore. Whenever you’re looking through supplies move the ‘less-loved’ papers and supplies into the box. You can let scrappy friends have first dibs from your Give Away box. Then find a place to donate the whole box!

Potential Donation places:

  • therapeutic scrapbooking programs at hospitals
  • children’s organizations
  • elementary school teachers
  • senior’s homes

What are your best ways to use unloved scrapbook paper? 

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode!

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