Episode 42: Scrapbook Lessons from the Greatest Computer Scientist in the World

Alice Boll
Alice Boll
Show Notes This episode shares lessons from the world’s greatest computer scientist and how we can use his techniques to have more fun scrapbooking. This episode was inspired by the podcast Cautionary Tales by Tim Harford, episode “Fritterin’ Away Genius”. Alice loved this episode and thinks you will too, be sure to check it out! What do chess, unicycles, juggling, pogo sticks, flame-throwing trumpets and Rubik’s cube have in common? They are all activities enjoyed by the scientist known as Claude Shannon, a man referred to by his peers as “The Greatest Computer Scientist in the World”. In this episode we’ll explore how Claude Shannon’s interests varied greatly, but also helped him make some great discoveries, and how this can apply to our scrapbooking process as well.

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