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Danielle Leonetti
Danielle Leonetti

Last month I talked about how I don’t really love the outdoors, you can read more about that here. This month we are talking about water and my outdoor rules change a bit as far as the water is concerned. I love to be on the beach, I love to listen to the waves and feel the sand in my toes. I don’t actually go in the water because, well, it’s nature and the outdoors ruled apply. 

Last month I also stepped out of my comfort zone by creating a layout based on a lesson from Shimelle’s Half & Half class. I did the same this month, and in keeping with the water theme I used watercolors on the page! There was something so fun and freeing to drip watercolors on a plain white page and just see what happens! 

I found these two photos taken of me and Tamy on the beach in Pensacola. This was a difficult trip to make as Tamy was dealing with the loss of her parents but in the midst of the tough times she was able to show me the beach she grew up on and it helped me realize why she loved the water so much!

I used Prima papers and watercolors and I added some shell and fish stamps to keep the embellishments simple but on theme. I really love how this turned out and how I got our love for being on the water is something we share and how we made the best of this difficult trip. 

As the Summer season gets under way how will you add water to your pages? Here are a couple of easy ways: 

  1. Watercolors: Create your own backgrounds, embellishments or borders using watercolors. You can find really inexpensive sets and they all come with brushes! 
  2. Document Your Summer Water Activities: Do you go to the beach? Do you spend time in a pool? Do you set up sprinklers or a slip and slide or water balloons? Make sure you snap a couple of quick pictures and document those moments and why water activities are important. 
  3. Don’t forget your water themed embellishments: I almost forgot I had these stamps and I have countless other pool, water, sea, and even rain embellishments. Go through your supplies, find the water related ones and maybe pick your activity based on those items and then you are all set with your page.

I hope you will share your water pages with us! I can’t wait to see. If you need even more water ideas last month Misty talked about symbols of the outdoors and she included rainbows and rain clouds, find her post here

I will see you next month for more scrappy goodness but in the meantime you can find me at my personal blog and social media! 

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