My Latest Pet (Tools)

April Swingler
April Swingler

August is Pets month here on the Scrap Happy Blog. Last week Alison had a page about how her quarantine puppy is growing up in Pets Are Weird.

I am not going to pass up this opportunity to brag on my fur babies!


Now that I have shared pictures of ALL my babies including Ethan, on to the crafty.

Lately I have two favorite “pet” tools. My Stamparatus Stamp Platform and Gina K Designs Wreath Builder Stencil. I am sharing photos of Stamparatus (by Stampin’ Up! and Misti since that is the tool that most people are familiar with.
Stamparatus is on the Left. It comes with 2 removable hinged doors and has 2 open edges to allow larger paper to overlap the size of the tool.
Misti is on the Right it has an outside edge to push your paper up against but as a result you are limited to the size paper you can use. It is possible to let the paper come out over the lip, but then you can have issues with ink from the stamp door getting onto your paper.

Both are great tools but as a scrapbooker I bought the Stamparatus first because it could handle 12×12 (before I sold Stampin’ Up!) and after buying the Misti for comparison I still prefer my Stamparatus.

I find that the Misti door wants to stay open, I can push it into a flat closed position, but it deforms slightly first and it feels like it is putting stress on the hinges. The door is also not as sturdy there is a lot of flex to the door by comparison. Photos show the Original sized Wreath Builder Template.

Stamparatus with original sized Wreath Builder Template

The original wreath builder template can make wreaths on a square 3 3/4″ or 4″ square. That is the largest size that could be accommodated by a standard sized Misti but Gina K has designed a new template which allows for larger sized wreaths to be made in the standard sized Misti it can make wreaths on squares 4 3/4″ , 5 1/4″ or 5 3/4″ in size.
This new wreath builder was previously available only in a kit but YESTERDAY August, 16, 2021 it went on sale individually.

Above Left Original Wreath Builder and Right is the new Large Wreath Builder. The new Large fits in both Stamparatus and Misti. 

Here is a YouTube video where Gina K demonstrates how to use the wreath builder template. Once you have built one wreath it can be used as a template for quickly building duplicates several stamps at a time.

Having multiple stamp doors makes reproducing wreaths even faster because you can leave the stamps on the doors and alternate doors as you build. Here are several of the wreaths I made.

I chose a simple card design to make my wreath into a 5.25″ x 7″ card.

Products Used

Other cards I’ve made using wreath builder.

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