Could LOAD Be Any More Inspiring?

Nikki Kann
Nikki Kann

How you doin’? We are excited to discuss the first LOAD (layout-a-day challenge) of 2022. I love a good theme, and there is plenty to be motivated by during LOAD222. In case you haven’t heard, our prompts in February 2022 are inspired by the TV show, Friends!

Two prompts, including one story and one technique, are provided each day to get those creative juices flowing and also to help make quicker decisions. The story prompts usually inspire me to tell a fascinating tale or funny anecdote that I haven’t thought to share on a page before. LOADs help me connect to my love of writing. The daily “deadlines” encourage me to get over the hurdle of journaling perfectionism and move into action by putting pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard. 

I have been participating in LOADs since 2013, and hands down, they continue to be my most creative, productive and prolific scrapbooking months. If a page is completed every day in a LOAD month, there is a Finisher’s Prize. I tend to finish a layout everyday, most often, during February months. Now that doesn’t mean I follow every prompt, every day. Although, that would result in many interesting stories told, it just isn’t realistic. Some busy days, I need to complete a fast and easy page which definitely still counts towards the total number. During extra chaotic days, I turn to album projects that I already have in the works, do a quick page in the Project Life App, or finish a “Current Favorites” page for each member of the family. Sometimes, the technique prompt may suggest a color, style or type of embellishment which helps with the decision making process. Quick layouts may not end up being a perfect page, in my usual style or meet certain ideal expectations, but that is okay! Quick pages are a great way to practice simplicity and joy of scrappin’. Very often these simple pages end up inspiring other LOADsters!

This brings me to one of the best reasons to participate in LOAD: the ScrapHappy Family. This community of scrapbookers is positive, encouraging and supportive of one another. The camaraderie inspires kind and generous feedback. We look forward to giving compliments as much as, or even more than, receiving them. Watch for the sunshine prize incentive which rewards daily kindness!

My tips to get the best out of a LOAD month:

  • Declutter scrapbooking surfaces, organize supplies and have tools ready before 1st of the LOAD month.
  • Stock up on adhesive. Having plenty of paper and embellishments on hand helps too. 
  • If a digital scrapper, make sure to have plenty of storage space on computer or external hard drive, etc. Use preceding month to purchase digital supplies to reduce getting distracted by shopping.
  • Print photos (or for digital scrappers: move photos to one folder) in preceding month to use during LOAD month.
  • Plan quick and simple meals for the whole month on dry erase calendar that hangs in the kitchen. Enlist the family to make meal choices. Grocery shop early or make meals to freeze ahead when possible. Plan days where other capable family members cook once a week or takes care of their own meals. Have hot breakfast for dinner. Order out occasionally.
  • Ask for help with household chores. 
  • Pre-plan an album project to work on. I have been known to use LOAD to complete December albums, among others. Prompts can help get it done or if you don’t feel inspired by prompts, it is a way to feel productive and still meet your goals.
  • Use Project Life App when time is limited. You may or may not use this page in an album, but think of it as scrapbooking or journaling practice. It counts as a page!
  • If time zone allows, read prompt before bed to gather ideas while sleeping, then upon waking, an idea or plan forward usually begins to take shape. 

Check back soon for more LOAD goodness this month on the blogWe are there for you! 

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