Episode 59: Teresa Collins Insights from her ScrapSmarter Experience Keynote

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Alice shares insights and an excerpt from Teresa Collins’ keynote speech for the ScrapSmarter Experience in January 2022. 


Scrapbook a page about about a random memory of the past that didn’t really have an album, but would fit perfectly into an A-Z album. 


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Teresa Collins has become a successful woman entrepreneur, and a world-wide company and brand and sought after speaker. She endured extreme abuse and neglect, a divorce, a life changing stroke and then was widowed.  Even after and despite her setbacks along the way she possesses the power of positivity.  She SPARKS contagious optimism to encourage and propel you to use their innate power to find WHO and WHAT makes them happy both personally and professionally. Teresa believes you create your own beautiful and meaningful life by being intentional with your mindset and setting no limits. 
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What memory do you have that would be perfect for an A-Z album… share one!

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