Calvinball FAQs

What is Calvinball?

Calvinball is a scrapbooking and crafting challenge. It runs annually from March 1 to 31. The rules change as the month progresses and it’s a fun way to get inspired to use your supplies and make some layouts/projects.

How was Calvinball inspired?

inspired by the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson.

In the comic the main character, Calvin, is a young boy with a big imagination. His best friend is his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Calvin sees Hobbes as a living, breathing tiger. These two best friends have many adventures together and one of them is Calvinball.

Calvinball is a game invented by Calvin. It’s kind of a mash up of sports games, with rules that are constantly changing as Calvin and Hobbes play it. They award points somewhat randomly and it’s a race to the finish… whatever that may be.

To learn more about how Calvinball turned into a scrapbooking challenge check out this episode of The Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast where Melissa Shanhun talks to the Calvinball creators.

Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast

How much does it cost?

Calvinball is FREE!

The challenge all takes place in a Facebook group. Please come and join us there!

Calvinball Facebook Group

How do I get on the Calvinball Email List?

If you’d like to play along, enter your email address below and you’ll receive information about the challenge.

Scrapping starts March 1, 2020, but feel free to join in any time this month!

I’m not on Facebook, is there any way for me to play along?

Yes, in a limited capacity. You won’t be on the points list and leaderboard as all of that is on Facebook, but you can access a copy of the rules HERE.  These will NOT be updated daily, but will allow you to play along with the challenges.


The BEST PLACE to look for all of the Calvinball details is in the ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Calvinball Announcements

To find the announcements from a mobile device:

To find the announcements from a desktop/laptop:

Watch a replay of our first LIVE session where we talked about the rules/points and fun things to come!

Facebook Live (2019)

The Rules (and how do you get the points)

The Points and Leaderboard (add your points here)

Calvinball Crop: Date TBA

Join us for a live crop. We use the Zoom platform (may require a small download). Grab your projects and be ready to crop, show and tell and more!

Calvinball Crop link (only active at time of crop) Yes, there will be a replay!

Posting and Sharing

Do I have to post my layouts?

No. You are not required to post your layouts. You can participate without sharing them.

Where do I post my layouts?

Layouts should be posted in the Daily Share Thread. There’s a new post each day. You can find the Daily Share Thread in the Announcements. You are not required to share your layouts.

You may also set up a Personal Album in the Calvinball Facebook group. You can add all of your layouts/projects to your personal album.

Please do not post your layouts in the main discussion feed!  We want to use that space for Calvinball conversations, so please keep your images in the Daily Share Thread and an optional Personal Album.

If you share your layout/project in the Facebook group you can claim 1/2 point.

Social media sharing?

Use the hashtag #calvinball2020 when sharing on social media.

Don’t forget to claim 1/2 point for each project you share on each social media platform. This includes your Facebook profile, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. All four… you’ll have 2 points!

All About the Rules/Points

Wondering how the points work? It’s a little complicated when you’re new, but it will seem easy once you get the hang of it! Don’t forget. You can find the Rules in the Announcement post in the Facebook group.

How often do I have to post my points?

Post your points whenever you like.

I can’t post my Points! Help!

If you are on a mobile device you can leave a comment underneath the Points/Leaderboard document to have them added on your behalf. From a desktop/laptop you should be able to edit the points yourself.

What are stackable rules?

Stackable rules make it easier to make a layout/project without having to have a ton of embellishments on your project.

If you can get a point for green, and you can get a point for a star, you can use a green star to claim 2 points.

Do multiple items get multiple points?

No. Think of it like a checklist. If you have have checked off the star category you get a point, no matter how many you use.

Are Rules retroactive?

If you create a layout on Day 2 you can’t go and award points from Day 6. Rules apply to the day you are creating.

On Day 2 you can use all of the rules from Day 1 and Day 2.

On Day 6 you can use all of the rules from Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

How do Temporary Rules work?

These rules will allow us to play with different parts of our stash. They will be added, and deleted, randomly throughout the month. Check out which temporary rules are active on the day you’re creating!

What are NO Double-Dipping Days?

A few days during the month will be NO Double-Dipping days! This means that you can NOT stack the rules. For example if you can get a point for green and a point for a star you MUST use separate items. You MAY NOT claim two points for a green star.

This will feel familiar if you’ve been a previous Calvinballer, but will add a new element of fun for the newbies!

More Questions?

Do you have a question that needs to be answered? Please leave your question on FAQ Facebook post here and someone will post a response. If we see that question frequently it will be added here.