LOAD1015 Day1 A Pirate’s Life for Me

11334230_811325908981777_2163484644826690603_oAvast, me hearties, we be settin’ sail on a grand adventure!

Welcome to ScrapHappy’s Member October Layout A Day! As always we will be giving the gift of daily creative time to ourselves alongside a warm & wonderfully talented group of scrapsistas. Oh! Didn’t know that you were wonderfully talented? You. Are. And this month we want to hear more about YOU! Be inspired by the gallery, encouraging in the love you leave on other sistas work & revel in all that scrappy goodness in your stash.


If you had a pirate in your family tree, what would you want to know about them? Think of the legends that would be passed down, the items that would gain significance by their association with that figure of mythical proportions.

Let’s work this month at remembering that WE hold a special place in our own family history! Set out to tell your own story so that you can live on in your family’s folklore. Let’s work at US being the focus of our pages this month.

So what is legendary about YOU? Tell us a story today…

(An’ it best be a good’un or we’ll see ya walk the plank!)

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