LOAD in Vogue 1960s: Brought to You in Living Color


The 60s brought an explosion of color onto the scene. As scrapbookers we revel in color! Just for fun, head on over to X-Rite, a company that specializes in the technology and science of color (and who also owns the popular color system Pantone.) They offer a really interesting tool to test your “color IQ” online. Post your results in the comments section!

BUT today we will tackle the sometimes dreaded black & white challenge day (you’re welcome, Dani!) All the way,  black & white photo only, or black & white layout with a color photo. Maybe your story today is about a choice that was clear – as in black & white.

10 thoughts on “LOAD in Vogue 1960s: Brought to You in Living Color”

  1. I scored 31.. not sure if that is good or bad? Compared to others my sex/age I did:
    Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520
    They said the lower the better, so 31 is pretty good then I guess?

  2. That was fun, although the colour squares started dancing in front of my eyes, I scored 4. But I’m working in advertising and have to pay attention to colours a lot (verify that the printed brochures really have the correct tones), so I’ve got some training 😉
    Loved this prompt, I chose to scrap a colour photo on a black & white layout, never done that before!

  3. I scored 31 as well…Not sure I get the best score being 1520 when the bar shows scores from 0 – 99. Based on the bar, I was thinking 50 would be middle of the road, so 31 would be better than average. I did better on the right side than the left, and worst in the middle. Wonder if that means anything?

  4. Heather Dubarry

    I got a zero that time! I’ve done it twice before. The first time I got a 1, and the next time I got a three. This time I did it without my glasses. I’m going to make my family take it, because they keep giving me a hard time when I lump some item in a certain color group. (That’s just a name!)

  5. I scored 12 – so not bad. The boxes really started moving around though after a while so I’m glad I don’t have to stare at that again!

  6. Marcia Fortunato

    I took it a couple of weeks ago and got 3 – my only mistakes were in the middle of the green range. Guess this is why it bugs me when a cardstock color is just a bit off! (Maybe that’s why I like patterned paper backgrounds – I don’t think the shades matter quite as much!)

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