LOAD in Vogue: Let’s Start Off with Style & Grace


Welcome to LOAD in Vogue, our exclusive ScrapHappy Layout A Day challenge where we will travel through the decades discovering style, trends and fashion as sources of inspiration for our layouts.

However, before we embark on our journey, we’d like to take this time to remember our fellow scrapsister, Alison Charlton.  Her sudden passing this summer shocked us all and made us truly take stock in this special scrap-sisterhood we share.  A link to her obituary may be found here.  Connie Hanks will share some thoughts about Alison for us…

If you ever had the great pleasure of meeting Alison Charlton through the Scrap Happy community, or LOAD, then I’m sure the thought of her puts a smile on your face!  Although I never met Alison in real life, her cheery disposition and kind words always made me feel her warm and loving heart as if she was a friend I’d known my entire life. Her “number of sleeps” countdown before LOADs were always a chuckle!  Her chatty posts on Scrap Happy were always fun to read and inviting to join the conversation.  Did you know in her 14 months of membership, she made over 400 posts?!  Her enthusiasm for our shared hobby was contagious.

Ever read her post about how far she went to find a LSS in Dubai?  Yikes!  And her beautiful layouts showing her international travel adventures and love for her family will be greatly missed.  Feel free to peruse her work in flickr here.  It gives me great honor to work with Lain, Lynnette and Leslie to dedicate our LOAD in Vogue to such an amazing scrap-sister.  May we always remember her sweet smile, kind words, warm heart, entertaining antics, and lovely personality.  I know she would have loved this month’s theme – so let’s do this for Alison… Now Vogue!!

XOXO, Connie

 As a remembrance of Alison, we are dedicating LOAD in Vogue 2013 to her.

As you may have read on the ScrapHappy blog, Lain is graciously donating the balance of Alison’s Scrap Happy membership to the Aasha Fund.  In addition, for every layout that is uploaded for today (Day 1), she will donate another $.25 in Alison’s name.  What more motivation is needed to create and upload a layout today?

Today think about how ScrapHappy and/or the LOAD experience has impacted your life – a special bond you have created through this sisterhood, how the sense of community and comradery has helped you grow as a memory keeper – how scrapbooking in general helps you to appreciate the big and little things in life.

Life is short.  Tell your story.  Scrap your memories.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.54.38 AM

In Memory of our sweet scrapsister, Alison Charlton


27 thoughts on “LOAD in Vogue: Let’s Start Off with Style & Grace”

  1. Here’s to Alison 🙂 She was a lady I would have liked to have met in real life. How wonderful to dedicate this to her and how generous of Lain.
    Here we go, then.

  2. Cathy Eberhardt Holiday

    I am digging out my scrappy goodness from Singapore that she sent to me as one of the random Cinderella winners last year as part of the challenges she held while other SHers got together in Florida. I wish I could have met her too, she will be missed.

  3. what a sad and emotional way to kick off LOAD but perfect to honour Alison and all she did for the Scraphappy community and every person that she touched.
    this ones for you my lovely xxxxxxxx

  4. Bravo to a life well lived. Her legacy will live on by inspiring us to remember to embrace the journey’s our lives take us on and to share those stories for ourselves and for our loved ones.

  5. Karla Fahlbusch Hilbourn

    I didn’t join Scrap Happy until recently, after Alison’s passing, so I never knew her; but, listening to all of you, I wish I had. Prayers and thoughts go out to her family.

  6. A special thanks to Connie for writing our tribute today. She did an amazing job capturing the spirit of Alison. Thanks, also, to Lain for stepping up with the additional donation and incentive for us to scrap our memories today. Now everyone gather in…GROUP HUG!

  7. Karla Fahlbusch Hilbourn

    Okay gals …. this is my first time doing LOAD, and I’ve just recently become a Scrap Happy member (back in August, I believe). So, what is it we are doing today? I think LOAD is supposed to be doing a “layout a day”? Am I correct? If so, when it is done, do I publish it somewhere? Yes, I have lots of questions! Help!! {hugs}

        1. Karla…let us know if you need additional help. Go over to the discussion board on flickr and post any questions there as it will be easier than here. We, and all the other scrapsistas, are happy to help you find your way.

    1. I’m totally with you; I understand the post and I’ve done LOAD before but don’t get what the prompt is for the day.

      1. It was kinda buried in there, but here it is:

        Today think about how ScrapHappy and/or the LOAD experience has impacted your life – a special bond you have created through this sisterhood, how the sense of community and comradery has helped you grow as a memory keeper – how scrapbooking in general helps you to appreciate the big and little things in life.

        Life is short. Tell your story. Scrap your memories.

  8. Alison was a good online friend that I wish I had had the opportunity to know in person. Enjoyed my ‘chats’ with her during LOADs earlier this year. She is missed. Great to dedicate this month to her cheerful memory. Home from work and ready to tackle the propmt.

  9. I had the pleasure of both meeting Alison and being part of the same team on UK scrappers for a number of years, as well as sharing our LOAD experiences.

    Even though we were aware of her diagnosis – the speed with which it took her, has shocked us all. I miss her words of encouragement, caring personality and great sense of fun.

    Thank you for dedicating this LOAD to her memory, I will copy some of the tribute above to our team board so they are aware and let her family know.

    And whilst I know I should be joining in today, this has made me feel quite sad.

    1. Sonia, I’m sorry this has brought you down today. Perhaps after some time, you will be able to scrap about Alison and your relationship. Thank you for sharing this tribute with your UK Scrapper Group. We thought about how we could contact her family to send our sympathy, but the online nature of our friendship makes it a bit different than your typical condolences. If there is a way you can reach them or let them know that there are many scrappers from around the globe thinking of her, please do so. We also send our deepest sympathy to her family. We realize this is a sad way to kick off our month, but felt it was the right thing to do. Take care and hope you can join in during the month when you feel able. xoxo, Lynnette

  10. Alison is the only person to have ever scraplifted a Layout I made. She made me feel so special when I was sharing with her my layout for her to use for inspiration.

  11. What a lovely sentiment. Thank you for being such a caring community. Here’s to LOAD in Vogue. May we all be the memory keepers we want to be.

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