LOAD Mini 720: Scrap the Rainbow

Let’s Scrap the Rainbow!

We’ll have a bright and colourful journey as we use explore the spectrum of the rainbow for this mini challenge.

Don’t miss out on this chance to scrapbook every day for a week! 

Our daily prompts will give you a story-based prompt and a technique-based prompt so you can choose how you’re going to create the best layout for you.

Life is about having choices, and the LOAD challenge has choices too!


What is LOAD?

LOAD, or LayOut A Day is an online class and scrapbooking challenge to get you scrapbooking and telling your stories on your layouts. Most LOAD challenges are a whole month of scrapping, but a Mini LOAD let’s you experience all the fun in only 1 week!


How do you participate in LOAD?

Every day for a week you will receive an email with a link to the daily prompt. After watching a short video your challenge is to scrapbook and post your layout in the ScrapHappy LOAD Gallery by the end of the day.


Why is LOAD awesome?

With so many people scrapbooking daily, and sharing those layouts in the gallery, you’ll be part of an active and vibrant community of scrapbookers. You’ll have access to hundreds of layouts to inspire you!


Do I have to use the prompt?

No! Although many people will use the prompts every day it is NOT required. You do have to create a scrapbook layout each day and share it in the ScrapHappy LOAD Gallery by the deadline each day to “complete” the LOAD challenge.


What types of scrapbookers participate?

All types! It doesn’t matter if you scrapbook traditional, digi, hybrid, or pocket pages. You can even mix it up!


Included in class registration are:

  • daily prompts
  • daily video
  • 7 sample layouts
  • private gallery and message board
  • random prizes
  • lots of fun and community!

Perks of Membership

Did you know?

LOAD is just one perk of ScrapHappy membership. Want to join the family?

Find out more HERE.

Listen to what other “LOADsters” have said!

LOAD is my favourite scrappy time of the year filled with inspiration which takes me in new and unexpected directions. I’m motivated to make pages and tell stories that I’d never have thought to create and best of all, I get to hang out with my favourite scrappers around the world for a whole month. It just makes me happy and isn’t that what it’s all about? -Lisa H.

LOAD brought back memories and stories that I would have never told. Now they are documented. -Dietra K.

LOAD changed the way I scrapbook. I’ve scrapbook stories I never would have thought to tell on my own and they’re some of my most satisfying pages. I used to begin with pictures & mostly scrap events, but now I often begin with a story and find images to express the memory. My child is nearly an adult now & I went through a period when I wondered if I was finished with scrapbooking. LOAD revitalized my scrapbooking. I found a new approach that works for the way my life is now, and I’ve fallen in love with scrapbooking all over again. I haven’t done a LOAD yet where I made a layout every single day, you certainly can, but you don’t have to, in order to find it transforming. -April S.

LOAD changed how I document our story…deeper, richer and more meaningful at times and at others just the fun things I might have overlooked as they are so ‘everyday’. LOAD brought me together with the most supportive group of Ladies out there and I’m forever great full for that. -Betty W.

LOAD taught me that I could be a faster, more confident scrapbooker. -Christy S.

LOAD helped me define my style! Because you are creating a layout every day, you need to move more quickly. I went from taking days to complete layouts, to mere hours – sometimes less than an hour! And sometimes, these “quick” pages are among my all time favs! I now complete most pages in an hour or two. LOAD did that! Also, because I was using my supplies every single day, I got to know them intimately and how I like to use them on my pages. I was able to get rid of products I wasn’t using, move the ones I use most often closer to my work space, and become a more efficient scrapper in the process! -Alison D.

LOAD got me scrapping again after a long dry spell. It was great to be challenged creatively and some of the best pages were ones I would never have thought of doing myself. And I made new friends too! -Hilary F.

After returning to scrapbooking after a 5 year hiatus, the first thing I tried was LOAD 515….it helped give me the motivation I needed to get back into scrapping again. Made over 200 layouts last year and still have the creative juices flowing. -Tanya G



Registration CLOSES July 12... and the scrapping begins!

Need more info? Check out the LOAD FAQs page!