No more boring scrapbook pages! Are you ready to make layouts you love?

Learn new scrapbooking skills so you’ll never make a boring layout again!

Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun, but when all of your layouts start to look the same it can feel a little blah.

When you’re not MAKING time to scrapbook that means something is wrong. Your hobby should be filled with joy, not regret and disappointment. We make time for the things that are important to us, unless it’s just not exciting anymore.


Can you imagine how it would feel to sit down with your scrapbooks filled with creative, bright, and meaningful layouts that you love?

Your layouts can be fun, creative and tell great stories.

Imagine sitting down to scrapbook and feel like you’re bursting with so much inspiration you can barely wait to get started. 

Create layouts that:

  • showcase your style.
  • tell great stories.
  • bring your creativity to the page.
  • have beautiful design. 




Introducing the ScrapSmarter Experience

The ScrapSmarter Experience is an online virtual event that brings together amazing instructors and an inspiring keynote speaker for a weekend of scrapbooking like no other!

It all happens online!

Our instructors will share tips, tricks and techniques that will inspire you to create scrapbook pages you love.

The classes are based on concepts and techniques. You are not required to have/buy the same supplies our instructors are using. They’ll teach you how to apply their advice with your own scrappy supplies. 

Of course, after the event you may wish to add a few new things to your scrappy stash, so we’ll make it easy with a list of supplies used.

All of the classes have a pre-recorded lesson that we’ll watch during the live sessions. Our instructors will be there to answer your questions and make sure that you can put their tricks into action!

Everything will be available as a replay too… we know, other plans have a way of sneaking into our crafty time, so we’ll make sure you have access to the full replays for 18 months.



Most of the time when you take a scrapbook class you require specific supplies, stamps, or papers… but then you never actually add your photos to the class pages.  (Am I right?)😜

The class supplies might not be your style, colors or the page doesn’t have the right theme. 

Classes at the ScrapSmarter Experience are different!


These classes will teach you techniques so you can use your own supplies. You won’t need that ‘ugly pink paper’ to make the class project. 

In fact, the classes are not designed around a specific project. They are designed to teach you a new skill, concept or technique. That way when you learn it… you can use it over and over again!



By the end of the ScrapSmarter Experience you’ll be so excited to dive into your own scrappy stash of supplies and make layouts that you love. 

The skills, concepts and techniques you’ll learn in our 10 classes will…




Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speech: Scrapbooking a Colourful Life

Meet Shimelle

London-based designer Shimelle Laine loves mixing current colour trends with the sweet nostalgia of stickers and glitter.  She designed twelve papercraft collections with American Crafts, edited idea books, and was the first person to teach online classes in the scrapbooking industry. She’s a scrapbooker at heart and has a wall of albums filled with her family’s stories.  With a love of craft and more than a little pixie dust, Shimelle looks for the magic in every new day. To learn more about Shimelle or to see more of her work be sure to visit her website at or visit her on Instagram at @shimelle



10 awesome instructors:



Friday, August 20, 2021 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern  (Kick off Party and one class, about 2 hours)

Saturday, August 21, 2021 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern (Keynote speech, plus 5 x 1 hour classes, and a 1 hour break)

Sunday, August 22, 2021 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern (4x 1 hour classes and 1.5 hour wind up party)


Do I have to buy products to participate?


The handouts include a product list so that if you see a product you’d like to use you can find it later.

We encourage you to shop your scrappy stash!

What types of scrapbookers participate?

All types! It doesn’t matter if you scrapbook traditional, digi, hybrid, or pocket pages. Our teachers are covering a wide variety of topics that relate to scrapbooking so you’re sure to find inspiration that works for you.

Will a replay be available?

Yes! Replays are available for 18 months. You’ll have access to both the pre-recorded class and a recording of the live-stream session for 18 months.

Included in event registration are:

  • access to the entire event
  • the kickoff party with keynote speaker Shimelle
  • 10 online classes
  • live Q&A sessions with every instructor so you can get all of the details
  • a downloadable instruction sheet for each class with photos of the projects and a list of supplies used
  • lots of fun and scrapbooking inspiration!




Info coming soon!


*affiliate links are used on this website where appropriate.

 *attendance at the live event not necessary to win.

ScrapHappy hosts other online events… here’s what scrapbookers have said about those events.

LOAD is my favourite scrappy time of the year filled with inspiration which takes me in new and unexpected directions. I’m motivated to make pages and tell stories that I’d never have thought to create and best of all, I get to hang out with my favourite scrappers around the world for a whole month. It just makes me happy and isn’t that what it’s all about? -Lisa H.

LOAD brought back memories and stories that I would have never told. Now they are documented. -Dietra K.

LOAD changed the way I scrapbook. I’ve scrapbook stories I never would have thought to tell on my own and they’re some of my most satisfying pages. I used to begin with pictures & mostly scrap events, but now I often begin with a story and find images to express the memory. My child is nearly an adult now & I went through a period when I wondered if I was finished with scrapbooking. LOAD revitalized my scrapbooking. I found a new approach that works for the way my life is now, and I’ve fallen in love with scrapbooking all over again. I haven’t done a LOAD yet where I made a layout every single day, you certainly can, but you don’t have to, in order to find it transforming. -April S.

LOAD changed how I document our story…deeper, richer and more meaningful at times and at others just the fun things I might have overlooked as they are so ‘everyday’. LOAD brought me together with the most supportive group of Ladies out there and I’m forever great full for that. -Betty W.

LOAD taught me that I could be a faster, more confident scrapbooker. -Christy S.

LOAD helped me define my style! Because you are creating a layout every day, you need to move more quickly. I went from taking days to complete layouts, to mere hours – sometimes less than an hour! And sometimes, these “quick” pages are among my all time favs! I now complete most pages in an hour or two. LOAD did that! Also, because I was using my supplies every single day, I got to know them intimately and how I like to use them on my pages. I was able to get rid of products I wasn’t using, move the ones I use most often closer to my work space, and become a more efficient scrapper in the process! -Alison D.

LOAD got me scrapping again after a long dry spell. It was great to be challenged creatively and some of the best pages were ones I would never have thought of doing myself. And I made new friends too! -Hilary F.

After returning to scrapbooking after a 5 year hiatus, the first thing I tried was LOAD 515….it helped give me the motivation I needed to get back into scrapping again. Made over 200 layouts last year and still have the creative juices flowing. -Tanya G


You’ll have access to all 10 classes with ‘as if you were there videos’ that include Q&A with each instructor as well as the “just the class” video. Each instructor will supply a class handout with tips from the class and supplies used. 

Access to the class replays and the Keynote Address replay is available for 18 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to absorb all of the great tips and actually use them on your own pages.


All-Inclusive Event Price: $129USD


??? what do you do for a live online event guarantee?

Meet Your Host

Alice Boll is the host of the ScrapHappy online membership group. Alice has been educating scrapbookers for over 10 years and has been the enthusiastic leader of ScrapHappy since 2016. 

ScrapHappy is the home of the LOAD (layout a day) challenge, as well as hosting many monthly online events, some exclusively for members, and some for everyone! 

ScrapSmarter is a monthly event that encourages scrapbookers to learn some new skills so they can enjoy this amazing hobby even more… and make pages they love!

The ScrapSmarter Experience was a dream Alice has had for years. The changes in our world right now put Alice to action, she knew scrapbookers needed an amazing dose of inspiration and education. We can all learn from industry leaders and have some fun too!

Alice lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and a flock of chickens. (Quarantine has lead to many new adventures…. chickens, crochet… ) Her two boys are now young men, how quickly they grow up, and is quite content spoiling her nieces and nephews for now!  

Alice shares her passion for scrapbooking with others in various fun ways. ScrapHappy, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and her Creativation booth tour videos. 


The ScrapSmarter Experience is perfect for you if your layouts are feeling boring, if you want to bring more creativity and excitement to your layouts, if you want to make pages that have more meaning.

It’s also perfect if you don’t have time to watch hours and hours of YouTube videos. YouTube can be a great place to see other scrapbookers make layouts, but when you want to learn how to do a new scrapbooking techniques or learn a new skill you may have to watch hours and hours of videos just to figure it out. 

Classes for the ScrapSmarter Experience are short and condensed. The instructors are bringing you all of their best tips in their pre-recorded class. There’s no waiting for mixed media to dry. There’s no repetitive paper cutting. There’s no monotonous music while the instructor is doing busy-work. All of the class videos are designed to get right to the action, so you get the best results for your time investment.

During the live sessions there is also a Q&A segment with each instructor. You’ll have the chance to ask the instructors in real-time… no leaving a comment on a YouTube channel that never gets a response! Get the answer when it really helps.




If you haven’t been making time for your scrapbooking it’s time to get out of your creative rut. It’s time to learn some new scrappy skills so you can make layouts you love. 

It’s time to finally sit down with albums filled with pages you’ll be proud to show your friends and family.