ScrapSmarter March 2020 Memorabilia

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Class: Using Your Memorabilia

Instructor: Emmy Cohen (Pursuit of Scrappiness on Instagram)

March 18, 2020 Emmy from Pursuit of Scrappiness showed us her tricks for using memorabilia. She shared her system for collecting, storing and actually getting it on to the page! 

1. Gathering Memorabilia
a. How I get it – everywhere, always (ALWAYS) thinking in terms of what I can put in my scrapbook:
i.  Grabbing menus, cards, flyers from everywhere – at least 4 if I can get them 
ii.  Kids school work
iii. Husband is (somewhat) trained to grab it
iv. No shame in asking for extra copies of invitations, pamphlets, etc. from friends & family or asking for menus, cards, etc. from restaurants or places we go
v.  If I only have one copy I have been known to make a color copy or two at work. 
b. How I choose what to keep:
i. Literally anything.  Used napkins, food wrappers, teeth. Even if its ripped or dirty I could cut that part off.  You never know what you may want!  I can also laminate things to preserve them.
2. Storing/Sorting
a.  I just dump it in two messy bins in the office.  The children know to NEVER touch those
b.  Identifying it (I try to keep it in somewhat chronological order and will make a note of the date or person if I think of it on the back
i. Most things identify themselves, the hardest is the kids school work that’s what I try to label
3. Using it
a.  Working with photos 
i. I save all pics in my phone photo reel – I take my husbands phone from time to time and add his photos to mine. 
ii.  Every 3 months or so I print my photos with Snapfish.  I am very liberal with printing – I will just go through and select so many and do 3 (or even 4) copies of anything that may be cute.  I usually get like 100 – 200 – but they are usually 1 cent a piece or something like that so I pay for shipping and this is typically about $15.
iii. When the pictures come I sit with my phone and organize them in chronological order. 
b.  Gathering all materials
 i. Typically I make all 3 kid’s books at the same time and I keep them at the same point in time.  For example, right now everyone is almost ready for Thanksgiving.
ii.  When I scrap I continue from where I left off and I am like OK I will do these events (usually just like 1 big one or like a period of a couple of weeks)
iii.  I take everything in the bins from that time period or event – it is hard but usually just about everything is together and then there is filler – like a picture or writing that may not be from that exact day but should be close and I take it in case I need it.
iv. If I am doing something like Thanksgiving, I am not sure if it will be 2 pages or 4 pages (its definitely going to be at least 2 and I do them in spreads so I wouldnt do 3).  The baby may only get one page but he wouldn’t get 4.  So I lay out sample pages for the most it could be per kid – 4 and 4 for the older ones and 2 for the baby.  
c. Finally time to scrap!
i. So I am sitting there (on the floor) with all these blank pages all around me and I have all the pics and materials next to me too and my paper cutter, crafters tape, labels, pens, scissors, my diary (which I have already tabbed with color coded labels where I wrote down a memory), millions of washis…finally I am ready! 
ii. I review the materials and there are things that MUST be there so I’ll lay those out and then fill in with other stuff until it looks good. 
iii.  Now I will make the tough calls and throw what didnt make it away in the trash immediately.  I will go outside to the garage trash to throw it away because 1. my kids have seen their artwork in the regular trash and THEY DO NOT LIKE THAT and 2. I just have to SHUT DOWN that option for myself.  Yes, there are things that I have thrown away that later I was like I wish I had that, but if I have too much stuff its just unmanageable. 
iv. I’m actually now trying to make the effort to do the details – the washi tape, labels, and journaling – at this time too.  In the past I did that in a second round when I was going through my diaries but that became tedious.  This does not mean I will not add a washi or two months later!  

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