ScrapSmarter November 2020: Debbie O’Neal Cricut Tips

Meet our Instructor: Debbie O’Neal

Debbie O’Neal has been making crafts and DIY projects since she was a small girl. She begged to go to the craft store or the hardware store instead of the toy store!

Debbie has a community to help you Learn and Create Like a Diva. 

Her crafting and DIY tips, tutorials and online classes cover topics from paper crafts, party decor, home decor and wearables too! 

Debbie is also a Cricut Product Expert and is ready and waiting to help you out with Cricut too!

Find Debbie online:

Class: Cricut Paper Cutting Tricks for Scrapbookers!

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Video Replay with Q&A:

Cricut Tips for Scrapbookers:

How to Assemble Flurry of Fun Layout:

Need to Change a Blade? Here's how!

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2 thoughts on “ScrapSmarter November 2020: Debbie O’Neal Cricut Tips”

  1. I enjoyed the replay. Debbie had so much information that was helpful. I am a newbie, and I too, have the very first cricut machine that came out with the 6″ mat, and the expression. I have been dragging my feet to get a newer machine, but my husband gifted me an Explore Air2 for my birthday Nov 1, and even though I am a little confused, I am having fun. I appreciate all your hints and tricks. Thank you Alice, and Debbie, for this information that encourages me to keep trying.

  2. This was wonderful! Thank you for the replay! I don’t have a cricut machine but each year this time I reevaluate – maybe this will be the year! Thanks again!

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