On November 6, 2021 Leigh Ann Odynski, also known as Artfuleigh, taught a class called “Getting the Story in Your Storyline” for the ScrapHappy community.

This replay will be available to the public for one week, after this time it will be exclusively available to ScrapHappy members. Find out all of the perk of membership HERE.

Below you’ll find the full replay with the Q&A, the pre-recorded class lesson, sample photos, notes and some other related bonuses. Enjoy!

Full Replay with Q&A

Just the Class

Tips from Artfuleigh

1. Use your planner or notebook to help you document more stories.
2. Add a simple marker highlight or small camera stamp in your planner to denote photos.
3. Batch together like tasks (editing all photos fro the time frame together – etc.)
4. Use different colours in planner/notebook to highlight photos for separate albums/people.
5. Add notes like story ideas and jpeg numbers to your planner to help with the batch process.
6. Focus the story inspired by your photos by incorporating WHY you captured the photo.
7. Photos can inspire journaling figuratively or literally.


Photos Mentioned in Class

Storyline Chapters

Alice was first introduced to the Storyline Chapters system by Heidi Swapp at Creativation 2020. Here’s the booth tour interview where Heidi explains why she made this system.

Want More???

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    Meet Your Instructor

    Leigh is a modern memory keeper, who loves to combine mixed media, stamping and die cutting to create clean, yet detailed paper crafting projects. She is an alumni  of several paper crafting industry design teams like; American Crafts(2 years), Vicki Boutin, Project Life, Shimelle, Felicity Jane, The Reset Girl, Citrus Twist Kits, Kellie Stamps, and Clique Kits . She has a degree in design and loves to paint with watercolor and acrylic paints to relax. 


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    Youtube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCUsRBAQsZsjjzGtoggdvVdw




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