26 thoughts on “Welcome to August!”

  1. Danielle Taylor

    Thank you Lain for 3 fabulous years!! It has been a blast and it has flown by and been completely awesome!!

  2. Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday dear Scrap Happy. Happy Birthday to us ! LOL Love the ideas for the birthday month celebration. And Lain, you looked fabulous on the video and loved your energy !!! Debbie O’Neal

  3. WOW! 3 years!! It has really flown by! Thanks so much for so much fun and so much inspiration! (And a reason to use ‘so much’ 3 times in one sentence!! : )) Happy Happy Birthday ScrapHappy!

  4. I have not learned to comment on this site. I will try again. I loved your video and I am excited about the upcoming events. I must say my new grand baby could arrive during that time and I may miss some events!

  5. What a great video, Lain – August looks to be a full on month! Congratulations and Happy 3rd Birthday πŸ™‚ Oh, and I am excited to see that the birthday party will be at 8am on my day off – save me some cake!

  6. Alison Campbell Day

    Yeah, you’re right. We love you nerd! πŸ™‚
    Super excited to celebrate our 3rd birthday. I’ve been MIA for awhile but this is just the incentive I need to get reconnected with my sisters!! Oh, and already planning to join you in Vegas next year! Woo hoo!

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