Episode 50: The Best Mindset Advice from the First 50 Episodes

Alice Boll
Alice Boll

Alice shares some of the best MINDSET advice for scrapbooking from the first 50 episodes of the ScrapHappier Podcast.

Want to listen to the full episodes mentioned? Click the episode number below to go to the show notes for each episode.

Episode 2: Why Do You Scrapbook

Episode 6: Finding Your Voice

Episode 8: The Vortex, Quagmire, Snowballing Pit of Despair… AKA Perfectionism

Episode 12: Procrastination Coach: Dr. Christine Li

Episode 13: Not Good Enough?

Episode 16: Motivate Me!

Episode 34: Maintain the Joy in Scrapbooking: Happy at Home

Episode 42: Scrapbook Lessons from the Greatest Computer Scientist in the World


What advice has helped you achieve the most satisfaction with your scrapbooking?

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