10+ Reasons to love LOAD


You may have noticed there are only 9 numbers on my layout there, yet this blog post is title 10+ ways to love LOAD. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that. First, you may be wondering what LOAD even is! Basically it is a project to help you create a scrapbook layout a day for a month. Nikki explains how LOAD works and gives some tips to get ready for the month of scrapbooking. Alison shares her tips for those who think they are too busy to even try. Finally, April shares how scraplifting, ahem, cardlifting is just one way to be inspired by LOAD.

Okay. Now back to my project. On this layout I included 10 photo groupings (yes there are 10, stay tuned for that!). Each grouping is numbered and corresponds with the same number in the journaling block. Let’s go over all of those shall we?

  1. You can get a lot done during LOAD. If you do complete a layout a day, then you’ve got 28 layouts done. At least in February, other months are even more! How many layouts do you typically complete in a year?
  2. Just get some done. In the summer we have LOAD mini which lasts only one week. But no matter when you LOAD you don’t have to get a layout done everyday. The world will not end if you miss a day! However, if you do make it every day, there are small prizes. (Bonus reason, prizes!)
  3. Be a guest designer. While LOAD is open to anyone to participate in, if you are a ScrapHappy member you have the chance to be a guest designer. And all styles and skill levels are welcome as guests. We want to see what you do in your real scrappy life!
  4. Make fast pages. Yes, you can get projects done in just minutes. We are not creating masterpieces here (unless you want to!). We are recording our stories and that is the main point. BTW, the Project Life app can help you whip up super fast pages on very busy days. I’ve been saved by the PL app more than once to make my daily deadline.
  5. Be inspired to try new styles. Our guest designers range from 12×12, to digi, to traveler’s notebooks, and more. For me I’m trying more digi pages as I’ve been inspired by some of our LOADsters.
  6. Get a whole project done. Have a trip to record, or a whole event that needs layouts? Make those bigger projects your goal for LOAD and you’ll have incentive  to get them done!
  7. Follow story prompts. These can help you tell bigger stories or sometimes hard stories. This makes for richer albums in the future.
  8. Play with technique prompts. If you prefer art over story there is a technique prompt every day as well to get you creating.
  9. Go your own way. Prompts are not required for LOAD. In fact nothing is required for LOAD. Remember I said the world wouldn’t end. It’s true. You do you and have fun scrapping. That’s the whole point.
  10. Pre-plan your upcoming LOAD. It is okay to use artsy backgrounds you’ve made previously to speed up your LOAD days. It is also okay to use layouts you created druing classes & events but have yet to add stories and photos to. That is what I am trying new this year. I have a stack of pre-made pages from classes last year ready for my special additions.
  11. Basically it is flexible. Join us and you can figure out how to LOAD in your own way!

The photos below show off my journaling and, yes! that 10th reason/photo. That final part of the layout is tucked away in a pull out element. In the video below I show you how I made that element and what I learned from Alice, our LOAD leader, on how to get a pullout to work in a page protector.


If you were on the fence about joining LOAD, I hope I’ve encouraged you to jump in. And bonus reasons to join: the community is supportive and friendly. And prizes. I know I mentioned prizes earlier. Who doesn’t love prizes? There is a small prize for anyone who finishes a layout a day and a chance to win the grand prize.

So many reasons to love LOAD!

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