Episode 67: Scrapbooking Yourself 4/10 Your Preferences

Scrapbook Yourself and your preferences with tips from Alice Boll in this episode of the ScrapHappier Podcast.

It’s important to put yourself into your scrapbooks. Do your scrapbooks show who you are?

Alice Boll from ScrapHappy walks you through Part 4 of the 10 part series to help you Scrapbook Yourself!

Part 4 is all about your preferences. Do you have layouts that show the things you like and dislike? Alice will show you how to get started.

LIKES/DISLIKES you might want to Scrapbook:

  • food
  • drinks
  • movies, TV shows
  • music
  • band
  • fashion/clothing/style
  • colours
  • people
  • chores
  • weather
  • hobbies
  • type of travel
  • what you do in free time
  • sports
  • games
  • video games
  • podcasts
  • animals
  • pets
  • scents
  • books
  • decor
  • type of housing
  • city/country
  • time of year
  • season
  • superhero
  • education/learning
Best tips for having fun with preferences pages.
  1. lean into a theme with themed embellishments
  2. big and bold stuff… embellishments, photos, repetition, etc., this is a good time to do something bold
  3. interactive elements
  4. creative titles: fun with the words, or fun with the way you put the words on the page.
You may even make layouts that show multiple likes/dislikes all on one page. Fun way to cover many at once, especially when they wouldn’t each have a full story on their own.


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Layouts Shared in Episode

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