Calvinball Rules


The full and current list of Calvinball Rules is available in the Facebook group. If there are discrepancies the Facebook version will be the correct version. You can find the Facebook RULES here:

Calvinball RULES

See the Calvinball FAQ’s here.

Calvinball FAQ’s


If you’re not on Facebook and would like to play along, here are the rules as of March 17. The points and leaderboard are shared on Facebook. We’ll try to update this rules list a few times during the month, but for the full experience please join us on Facebook.



1. Game runs from midnight (Eastern) March 1st until midnight Eastern on April 1st. (31 full days)

2. One layout or one project life page = one point

3. A double page layout is two pages = 2 points

4. One mini-album page (covers count as pages), one card, one tag = 1/2 point each

5. Projects = 1/2 – 2 points, depending on size/difficulty

6. Art journal pages = 1/2 – 1 point depending on size/difficulty

7. Decorated daily planner pages (daily, weekly, monthly, tabs, etc) = 1/2 point

8. Photobook pages = 1/2 – 1 point (preslotted/self-created)

9. Non-paper craft projects = 1 point (project must take an hour or longer to create)

10. Create a Scrapbook Process Video or Layout Share Video = 1 point

11. Creating a Scrapbook Tutorial = 1 point

12. Write a blog post about a project you created = 1 point

Calvinball Publicity Points: 

1/2 point per project shared on social media using the hashtag #calvinball2019 

1. Facebook (1/2 point for sharing in Calvinball group, bonus 1/2 point for sharing on your profile)

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Pinterest

5. Other social media platform. (Be sure to follow the rules of the platform! This counts for other Facebook groups you share in too!)

Calvinball Team Building Points:

1. Leave comments on 10 Calvinball layouts = 1 point

2. Leave comments on 5 Calvinball blog posts or YouTube videos = 1 point

3. Early Bird – for signing up/joining the Facebook group in February = 1 point

4. Attend a Calvinball crop = 1 point  (First crop held Saturday, March 9 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern)

5. Join the Calvinball email list at = 1 point

6. Show us your layout/project on the live video crop. = 1 point

7. Complete a layout (or two cards) while participating in, or watching the video replay of the crop. = 1 point

STACKABLE POINTS!  Points are stackable! If you can get a point by using a star, and you can get a point by using a certain colour, like green, you can get two points for using a green star! You do not get 4 points for using 2 green stars. Each category applies only once to a layout/project.

WARNING: Watch out for stackable exemption days, where you MAY NOT stack your points… also known as… ‘no double-dipping days! 



On No Double Dipping day you can not stack your points… each item counts separately!

Scrappy Challenge Bonus Points:  (1 point each)

NOTE: These will be added throughout the duration of the contest, so be sure to check back for new rules! Rules apply to the day you create… no going back to reevaluate your points. pastedGraphic.png😉

1. Your first layout for 2019 in the Calvinball gallery.

2. Use a star. -added March 1

3. Use an enamel dot. – added March 1

4. Use bling. – added March 2

5. Use a cut file/cut-file type overlay for digi scrappers. – added March 2

6. Use an old product. (5+ years if you’ve been scrapping that long… or something that is old compared to the length of time you’ve been scrapping.) – added March 2

7. Use wood veneer. -added March 3

8. Use a stencil. -added March 3

9. Create your own patterned paper. -added March 3

10. Use your own handwriting/or a handwriting font. – added March 3

11. Use memorabilia. -added March 4

12. Use a stamp. -added March 4

13. Print or put away 5 layouts. -added March 4 

14. Use a black and white photo. -added March 4

15. Use a sketch. -added March 5

16. Use the word “happy”. -added March 5

17. Use washi tape. -added March 5

18. Use watercolour. -added March 5

19. Use graph paper. -added March 6

20. Use a map/globe. -added March 6

21. Use a pocket card on a non-pocket layout/project. -added March 6

22. Use a citrus fruit. -added March 6

23. Scraplift another Calvinball layout/project. -added March 7

24. Use mist/spray. -added March 7

25. Use hand stitching. -added March 7

26. Use machine stitching. -added March 8

27. Use paint. -added March 8

28. Use a number in your title. -added March 8

29. Use sequins. -added March 9

30. Use a banner. -added March 9

31. Date your layout/sign the back of your card. -added March 9

32. Prepare 2 cards for mailing.(address envelope and write sentiment inside) -added March 9

33. Use something creative to cover a mistake. -added during Crop March 9

34. Use a flower. -added during Crop March 9

35. Use an arrow. -added during Crop March 9

36. Use a heart. -added during Crop March 9

37. Use a die cut. -added during Crop March 9

38. Use a circle. -added March 10

39. Finish a roll of adhesive, bottle of glue, package of glue dots, etc. -added March 11

40. Use embossing (dry or stamping). -added March 11

41. Use a flair button. -added March 12

42. Blend a photo into the background/other photo. (digi technique) -added March 12

43. Use products from 5 separate kits/designers on your layout/project. -added March 13

44. Use a tag. -added March 13

45. Use a typewriter font. -added March 13

46. Use a song lyric as a title or in your title. -added March 14

47. Use a new technique you’ve never tried before. -added March 14

48. Use a 5×7 or larger photo. -added March 15

49. Use a quote. -added March 15

50. Use a frame. -added March 16

51. Create a monochromatic layout/project. -added March 16

52. Use green. -added March 17

53. Use the word “luck or lucky”. -added March 17

54. Use a grid design. -added March 18

55. Use a coffee-related item (cup, bean, quote, etc!) -added March 18

56. Use multi-coloured letters in your title. -added March 19

57. Use a label. -added March 19

58. Use music notes/musical symbol. -added March 19

59. Use lace. -added March 20

60. Finish or use up a scrappy supply (like a sticker sheet or paper pad). -added March 20

61. Use teal/aqua/turquoise. -added March 21

62. Use a rainbow image or embellishment. -added March 21

63. Add a shaker. -added March 22

64. Use baker’s twine. -added March 22

65. Use a clock or other time piece. -added March 23

66. Use photo corners. -added March 23

67. Use geometric patterned paper. -added March 23

68. Use a bow. -added March 24

69. Use a list on your page/project. -added March 24

70. Use a metal embellishment (charms, brads, bottlecaps, etc.) -added March 25

71. Use a text patterned paper. -added March 25

72. Use punctuation as an embellishment or in title. -added March 25

73. Use something galaxy/space. -added March 26

74. Use a food paper or embellishment -added March 26

75. Use over 20 of one type of embellishment. (ie 20+ sequins, or 20+ enamel dots) -added March 27

76. Use a weather embellishment or paper. -added March 27

77. Make an Easter project. -added March 27

78. Use at least two photos of different sizes. -added March 28

79. Use a math symbol or chart/graph. -added March 28

80. Use a unit of measurement. -added March 28

81. Use cork. -added March 29

82. Use ombre paper. -added March 29

83. Use a feather. -added March 30

84. Use glitter. -added March 30

85. Use an old photo. -added March 30

86. Use xoxo on your project. -added March 30 during Crop #2

87. Use a non-white background. -added March 30 during Crop #2

88. Make a Christmas layout. -added March 30 during Crop #2

89. Use something that moves (ie. a wobble, a spring, googly eyes, a slider) -added March 30 during Crop #2

90. Use a hoarded product. -added March 30 during Crop #2

91. Use a screen shot conversation/text. -added March 30 during Crop #2

92. Use a triangle. -added March 30 during Crop #2

93. Scrapping/crafting through adversity. -added March 30 during Crop #2

94. Use foam dots/pop up tape (or equivalent digi effect). -added March 30 during Crop #2 

Temporary Challenge Bonus Points: (1 point each)

Note: These will be only available for a few days and then will change! This is a great way to explore different parts of your stash.

NOTE: All temporary rules were removed March 28! All temporary rules were reinstated March 29.

Use floral patterned paper. 

2. Use the colour green. 

3. Use an emoticon or emoji. 

4. Use a butterfly.

5. Use a sticker. 

6. Use an animal print. 

7. Use a selfie. 

8. Use an avocado.

9. Use the colour purple. 

10. Use a button. 

11. Use ribbon. 

12. Use cloud paper/embellishment. 

13. Use a title with 5 words. 

14. Use a hedgehog. 

15. Fussy cut an embellishment. 

16. Use vellum. 

17. Use striped paper.

18. Use dotted paper. 

19. Use a border punch. 

20. Use a camera embellishment.

21. Use word strips.

22. Use teal/aqua colour. (Can be counted twice… it’s also a permanent rule!)

23. Use a bird. 

24. Use a doily. 

25. Use a 2 different fonts in your title. 

26. Use a paperclip. 

27. Use a staple. 

28. Use a giraffe or llama. 

29. Use orange. 

30. Use a bicycle. 

31. Use holographic foil. 

32. Use gingham/plaid. 

33. Use a shamrock or 4 leaf clover.

34. Make a St. Patrick’s Day layout/project. 

35. Use yellow. -added March 18

36. Use the leftovers from your creative process (your scrappy trash)

37. Use a gear. 

38. Use pompoms. 

39. Use a hexagon. 

40. Use crepe paper.

41. Use a moon. 

42. Use a mermaid. 

43. Use a tassel. 

44. Use a chevron pattern.

45. Use something crocheted. (flower, doily, chain, etc) 

46. Use fringe.

47. Use a unicorn. 

48. Use torn paper.

49. Use a balloon.

50. Use geotag/jet/airplane or travel embellishment.

51. Use a numbered patterned paper. 

52. Use a key. 

53. Use beads.

54. Use a cactus. 

55. Use a punch.