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Do you have a hard time making time to scrapbook?
Make Time for Scrapbooking with ScrapHappy’s Group Events: Struggling to find time for your beloved scrapbooking hobby? ScrapHappy has the perfect solution! Join our exciting group events, specially designed to help you prioritize and make dedicated time for scrapbooking. Our engaging and interactive events provide a supportive environment where you can connect with fellow scrapbookers, share ideas, and gain inspiration. By attending these events, you’ll carve out valuable time for your hobby, ensuring that your scrapbooking projects take center stage in your schedule.

Do you put off starting a new page FOREVER?
Conquer Procrastination with ScrapHappy’s Deadline Challenges: Tired of putting off your scrapbooking projects? ScrapHappy has just the right remedy! Participate in our thrilling deadline challenges that will reignite your creativity and keep procrastination at bay. Our challenges provide specific project goals and deadlines, giving you the necessary structure and accountability to overcome procrastination. By embracing these challenges, you’ll experience a renewed sense of motivation, complete your scrapbooking projects in a timely manner, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your memories come to life on beautifully crafted pages.

Do you feel that you’re not skilled enough to make amazing pages or that your page won’t be perfect?
Discover the joy of scrapbooking without feeling held back by a lack of skills. ScrapHappy offers live training sessions and monthly classes to help you master the art of scrapbooking. Join our vibrant community, learn new techniques, and unlock your creative potential today!


FREE admission to 3 LOAD Challenges (Layout A Day) every year

Members-Only Online Group

Plenty of quality inspiration through a members-only Circle community, live interaction online with your new like-minded scrapbooking friends, challenges, exclusive sketches, swaps and more…

Monthly Online Events

Chat with your new family members during Scrapbook LIVE every month, and have the chance to win a free scrapbooking kit!

ScrapbookLive NOV 2020

The chance to meet your ScrapHappy family at the annual reunion!

Next Reunion 2024??

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  • Monthly ScrapSchool classes with our in-house instructor to learn scrapbooking skills
  • Monthly Happy Hour – we chat and connect with our scrappy sisters over the latest and greatest news from the industry
  • Bi-Monthly ScrapSolutions sessions – where we learn how to solve a scrappy problem
  • Bi-Monthly ScrapSmarter classes – we invite an instructor to teach us some new scrappy skills!
  • Monthly sketch challenge with prizes!
  • You also have access to our ScrapHappy VAULT… full of scrappy goodness like past LOAD events, and replays of our sessions.

Of course, all of the above will be liberally sprinkled with scrapbooking humour and fun!

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