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FREE admission to 3 LOAD Challenges (Layout A Day) every year

What is LOAD?

The Layout A Day Challenge will motivate you to scrapbook every day for a month! Join over 200 scrapbookers that take this challenge 3 times a year.

Each day of LOAD you’ll receive a prompt to inspire your creativity. (Use the prompt or create a layout of your choice.)

We share our layouts in a private gallery so there’s tons of inspiration and motivation to keep going.

The goal is to DO MORE SCRAPBOOKING! For more info check out the FAQ page!

Members-Only Online Group

Plenty of quality inspiration through a members-only Circle community, live interaction online with your new like-minded scrapbooking friends, challenges, exclusive sketches, swaps and more…

Monthly Online Events

Chat with your new family members during Scrapbook LIVE every month, and have the chance to win a free scrapbooking kit!

ScrapbookLive NOV 2020
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What does a membership let me do?
per LOAD event
LOAD Access
Access to the LOAD class and gallery to share your post with other like-minded scrapbookers
LOAD Replays
Replays are the ability to go back in time to a LOAD you may have missed and participate (although you won't be entered to win prizes)
18 Months replay access
Monthly Sketches (Digital Scrapbooking)
We provide out a monthly template PDF and PSD (Photoshop art file) for digital scrapbookers to create digital layouts with.
ScrapSmarter Experience Discounts
The ScrapSmarter Experience is a paid spinoff from ScrapSmarter Free. We bring 10 talented instructors from around the globe together in a 3 day-long weekend scrapbooking extravaganza.
ScrapSmarter (Free Sessions)
Our ScrapSmarter Free sessions are the smaller free version of the ScrapSmarter Experience. We have 6+ Free events per year, where we learn a new skill with a talented scrapbooking instructor.
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ScrapHappy Together
A members only exclusive live event where we scrapbook and get to know each-other. 2/month
ScrapHappy Reunion
Every year* we host a three day in-person scrapbooking reunion with talented guest instructors. Learn scrapbooking, meet new friends, and see new places. Hosted in different locations around the North America every year. *World events permitting
Exclusive Scrapbooker Community Access
Our exclusive scrapbooking community where you can post layouts, comment on others', and make friends with scrapbookers from all around the globe
Access to Friday Five emails
Our Friday Five email blast offering free (normally paid) content to learn scrapbooking tips and tricks. (These are optional)
Scrapbook Live
Every month we host our Free Scrapbook Live event on Zoom, your host Alice scrapbooks live on camera using a new kit every time. We chat, hangout, and learn new scrapbooking skills. It's a romp! At the end you have a chance to win a kit used in the video. Join the Friday Five Emails to receive this.
Join Friday Five Email List to receive theseJoin Friday Five Email List to receive theseJoin Friday Five Email List to receive these
Every March, we host the craziest, most non-sensical, and exciting scrapbooking challenge. A month-long point-based scrapbooking event where you earn points with ever-changing rules. The winner wins bragging rights for the whole year, unless they win the next year as well.
Happy At Home Live YouTube Sessions
Randomly throughout the year, we host our live YouTube events with random topics that explore the random world of scrapbooking. Join Our Friday Five email blast to learn when the events come out.
Join Friday Five Email List to receive theseJoin Friday Five Email List to receive theseJoin Friday Five Email List to receive these
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The chance to meet your ScrapHappy family at the annual reunion!

Next Reunion 2023???

Where are ScrapHappy members?

And because you’re so cool, you’ll also be treated to:

  • Monthly ScrapSchool classes with our in-house instructor to learn scrapbooking skills
  • Monthly Happy Hour – we chat and connect with our scrappy sisters over the latest and greatest news from the industry
  • Bi-Monthly ScrapSolutions sessions – where we learn how to solve a scrappy problem
  • Bi-Monthly ScrapSmarter classes – we invite an instructor to teach us some new scrappy skills!
  • Monthly sketch challenge with prizes!
  • You also have access to our ScrapHappy VAULT… full of scrappy goodness like past LOAD events, and replays of our sessions.

Of course, all of the above will be liberally sprinkled with scrapbooking humour and fun!

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